Tuesday, 28 September 2010

You are not on facebook yet?

Me: Sorry, I don't have facebook account, it is not my cup of tea.
Some people: You are so outdated. Facebook is so happening.
Me signed up, were lost in this other virtual land for a while, and forgot about my blog.

It is a place for people to catch up and let everybody else know they catch up, and it is also a place offering some clues to spouse to 'catch' their cheating other half, and for employers to 'catch' their employees playing games during working hours.

It is a place for people to show off their many pictures which are actually the same pictures but were taken from different angles.
It is a place for people to let the world know where they had been and where they are planning to be at.....I just hope they have not added on a would-be-burglar as friend...

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