Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Virtual Guru

Teaching maths to a 9 year old who is only interested in fairy tales, is like teaching Mr Grumpy (one of the seven dwarfs in 'Snow White') how to dance ballet.

I pledge to be patient and very patient, but would usually ended up not myself, with blood boiling that can cook a dozen duck eggs.

I do not want to end up as a heart attack patient, tuition sometimes means more homework, perhaps this home-based learning site is one of the solution: http://www.brainbytes.org/ (old site http://gooroo.my). Conceived somewhere Down Under more than 2 decades ago (Kinetic Education Pty Ltd http://www.kineticeducation.com.au/), localised by BrainBytes Msia.

If guru at school is not enough, this virtual guru will be a good reinforcement. If your child returns a blank look, just hit Replay, no extra charges, no blood boiling. And the computer will never judge the kids, unlike parents/teachers.

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