Monday, 12 September 2011

Angry Birds

Why do kids and even adults love Angry Birds so much? Is it funny? Is it cool? Why is it so much fun to be seen with anything that has Angry Birds motif? You have no idea...

Angry birds first started off as a puzzle video game application for Apple in 2009. They are so addictive and popular, they are everywhere and have probably pecked Hello Kitty off the shelves…they follow you everywhere on key chains, they look mean and as expected, angry, as soft toys, they are on the hand fans to cool you down, they celebrate birthdays as motif on birthday cakes, they bring you around on your slippers, they hide in or is that on?..your short, they are your underwears…no wonder most people are angrier nowadays.

This 9 year-old kid has been pestering her parents to buy her Angry Bird merchandise but without any success. One day, she’s pulling long face, again. Her mum said, “What’s so special about an angry bird?”

The kid said, “You don’t understand because you are an adult!” With that kind of answer, the kid got an Angry Bird soft toy.

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