Friday, 31 December 2010

Clear the Clutters

Saw this news on 30-12-10.

"Petaling Jaya. Workers & customers of a goldsmith's shop had a harrowing experience when a car crashed through the shop's front door. The vehicle only came to a halt after hitting a jewellery display cabinet in the shop.

The accident occurred at 10.35am when the driver of the Proton Iswara, a woman in her 60s, was trying to park the vehicle in front of the shop in Sungai Way.

Apparently, she could not apply the brake as a mineral water bottle was stuck under it...."

Different clutters, same consequences.
Drivers, the only thing that should hang around the driver seat area is yourself...

If you are the passenger, nag the driver.
Women are good at that (the nagging...), ironically they don't nag at themselves, so, nag your mum, sister, girlfriend, wife... As for those from Mars, I mean father, brother, boyfriend, husband, I hope the Venus Nag Force will do the job.

Clear the clutters to usher in 2011! Happeeee New Year!

My wishes to all, Stay Happy without any worry, stay Healthy without roti chapati!

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